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Director of Photography (Cinematographer) INDIA




Suraj is an Indian DOP / Cinematographer based in Mumbai, India. He shoots feature films, commercials and music videos. Suraj is a specialist in underwater filming and high speed motion photography for product shots. He is a versitle DOP who is known for capturing both artistic and technically sound visuals even in the most extreme conditions.

Suraj began his career at Genesis films as a camera operator. He later headed the camera technical department. He has been managing / operating a Photosonics™ camera (high speed film capture camera upto 1000ftps) for the last 7 years. Suraj has also operated cameras on various underwater shoots (even at very high speed capture). He later was associate DOP to various prominent DOPs (names below) on memorable projects/ feature films. Using his all-round technical knowledge as a base, Suraj has developed himself into a cutting edge artist.

Suraj Kurade, as a cinematographer is a culmination of profound technical expertise, numerous years of experience, hard work and the desire to capture stunning visuals. A dream which is being realized now, Suraj is shooting feature films and commercials independatly (see work for more).

Prahlad Kakkar ▸

Prahlad Kakkar is the visionary behind Genesis film. He is popularly known as the father of ad-films in India. Suraj began learning the art of Filmmaking from him.

Amalendu Chaudhary ▸

Suraj is currently an asociate to Amalendu Chaudhary. Worked on 'Youngisthan', 'Tere bin laden 2' 'Ek Tara (Marathi)' ' The Shaukeen' & many TVC.

V. Manikandan ▸

Manikandan is a leading DOP in India, His visuals have a unique feel to them. Suraj has worked Manikandan on various ad films

Vishnu Rao ▸

Suraj is assistant to DOP Vishnu Rao 'Hamari Adhuri Kahani' 'Half Girlfriend ' TVC and Underwater Projects.

Bobby Singh (late) ▸

The late Bobby Singh shall be forever missed. A cutting-edge DOP with a large heart. Suraj has had the honor of working closely with him on the movie 'Queen'

Ravi Varman ▸

Ravi Varman, a DOP from South India, is a master at his craft. His never say 'no' attitude coupled with his excellence in lighting make him one of the most sough-after DOPs in India. Suraj was chief assistant to Mr.Varman on the film 'Barfi'.

Mujahid Raza ▸

Suraj is associate DOP to Mujahid Raza 'FEVER' and 'BARKHA'

Priya Seth ▸

Suraj is assistant to DOP Priya Seth for feature films 'Airlift' and Underwater Projects.

Uzer Khan ▸

Uzer Khan is a legend with visuals. Suraj assisted Uzer during his days in Genesis film, and now Shoots for him. Suraj has recently filmed a timeless classic music video for Uzer named 'Jhoom' (song by Ali Zaffar).

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